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Japanese Siliconen Breasts - Cup FF


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One pair of Japanese Siliconen Breasts -  Cup FF

Symmetrical shape

They are made of high quality material which does not only consist of silicone, but has got as well a polyurethan(PU)-film around. They can be worn as inlays in a bra (please see below), specially made with pockets.

Because of the way it is made the breast will move in a natural way. Nothing can compare to the soft and natural shape of this wonderful silicone breast form! Only you will know they`re there!

The pair warms to body temperature and it has a realistic European or Asian colour.
The silicone enhancers can perfectly boost breasts up by 2~4 cups size.

Use a sheer under wire bra and the coloured nipple will show through for the ultimate effect! The breasts can be used for over 100 times. Mantainence and washing is easy in cold water with mild soap.

full silicone breasts Waterdrop shape to match the curves of the chest cage giving perfect fit and comfort. Symmetrical shape, so both breasts can be used on either the left or right side.

Designed as enhancers or prosthesis for Travesty or for women with flat chest (very small or no breasts).

weight pair 2400 gr.

The most important difference with our silicone breasts from Germany
- made of softer silicone material
- besides European skin-color also available in more skin-colors like Asian and brown
- a polyurethan(PU)-film around the silicone breasts
- not washable in hot water (washing only in cold water with mild soap!).

High quality Product from Japan

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