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The Training of O 1 - Sloane soleil day 1&2


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The training of Sloane soleil - day one & two

Day One;
Sloane, now known as '19', isn't new to the scene, and is well versed in this lifestyle. The problem with new comers is that they think that because they have experience that they will always succeed, but they soon find that it's more than having experience.
We have a certain level that we hold our trainees up to and 19 is no exception. I throw one predicament after another at her and although she does well, she gets a taste of how the rest of her training will be. She will be pushed harder and beyond any point she ever thought she could go, and then some.

Day Two;
Sloane, now known as 19, is faced with a long day of training to learn how to hold composure during brutal torment. I bring in a skilled single tail Master named Scorpio to bring true anguish to this fidgety trainee. With every attempt at moving she is faced with restrictive binds and the tail of Scorpio's whip.
The goal was set in the beginning to be able to hold her composure while receiving punishment, and this will be reached today. She goes in and out of sub space, but every time she seems to slip into that space I make sure I bring her back to reality.

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  • Brutal predicament Bondage
  • Extreme torture
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Directed by:
Starring: Sloane Soleil
Media: Original pressed DVD 5 - NTSC - 16:9 - All Region
Running Time: 122 min - Fetish & extreme bondage DVD Movies