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Inflatable solid ballplug large


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Inflatable solid ballplug large by Latexa #6088


For extravagant sensual experiences - this Large plug can also be inflated to give you great pleasure. A must-have for rubber, clinic, fetish and bizarre play!

This inflatable butt plug has a latex skin on the outside, whilst on the inside, a semi-firm foam-like body. The area between is designed so that, once inserted, it may be inflated to your liking using the attached latex hand pump. Deflation of the plug is operated via the valve-wheel. Thick latex and the high-pressure valve assure that the plug stays solid and firm, so you can toy your back-passage 'til your heart's content! Also remember that the harder you inflate it, the less likely it is to fall out! 

Inflatable insertables such as butt plugs can be used to assist the dilating and relaxing of muscles in the anus where required, they can be used for foreplay, or as stand-alone stimulation for when you're feeling naughty. 

The latex material of this plug makes it hardwearing over a long period of time, however, we recommend cleaning using a desinfective toycleaner and soaking overnight. Do not attempt to clean this plug (or any latex) using alcohol or bleach-based products. 

Like all Fetish Latex items Mince.NL is always in the detail with attention to quality, Latexa operates a very high manufacturing standard of quality offering cutting edge Fetish designs and patterns that are copied by some, but as always with copies they lack the eye for the detail the wearer requires and the lack of any design passion always shows through.


  • Color: black or red
  • Size: Ø 60 mm
  • length: 11 cm (4.3 inch)
  • Thickness: 1,0 mm

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