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The Base-plate by Lust-und-Liebe


Price € 109,00
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The Base-plate

An add-on for the Dildo-bar. With this item it's possible to use the Dildo-bar without a Spreader-bar. Very useful, if You want to play with e.g. our Saddle... Base-plate for use with the Dildo-bar - from stainless steel with a mat surface. Dildo-bar and dildo not included!

Lust und Liebe - Toys for thrilling bondage games! Usable for male and female 'victims'. High quality Hand-made stainless steel and leather toys from Germany.

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LL-SD001 - Stainless steel Saddle by Lust & Liebe
€ 98,00
High polished Stainless steel Saddle by Lust & Liebe a modern steel descendant of the well-known 'Wooden Pony'. To be used as an add-on for the Dildo-bar with Base-plate. (both parts not included... 
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
LL-Di00 - Dildo Plugs
€ 98,00
High quality butt plugs from Lust und Liebe Our high quality butt plugs are made by hand in Germany. They come in solid aluminium and with a mirror polished finish. All different model... 
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
LL-Di-011 - pvc-dildo II
€ 58,00
PVC-Dildo by Lust und Liebe Di-011 This well-shaped dildo has an 8mm threading so you can attach it to furniture or add some accessory like a pony-tail or use it with the dildo-bar. size: 45 x 190 mm... 
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
DS001 - Stainless steel Dildo-bar
€ 168,50
High polished Stainless steel Dildo-bar by Lust und Liebe The steplessly adjustable extension to our Spreader-bars!A very hedonistic toy!You can easily fix cuffs to the rotatable ends of the spreade...