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Men on Edge 37 - Bushy Blond Pubic Hair


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Men on Edge 37 - Bushy Blond Pubic Hair

Logan returns for an edging. We have him strip down to his underwear as Van begins tying Logan's hands down to his side. His underwear is torn away to unveil his rock hard cock. He moans with pleasure as we tease his cock with two vibrators. With Sebastian sucking and stroking his cock, he begs us to let him cum but instead he tastes the lashing of the flogger. We tease his nipples as his cock gets edged. We put a prostate massager up his ass and the vibrations push him over the edge as he blows his load onto his stomach. But we shove it into his mouth before giving him some surprise tickle torment.

Bushy Blond Pubic Hair

Directed by:
Starring: Logan Vaughn
Media: Original pressed DVD 5 - NTSC - 16:9 - All Region
Running Time: 67 min - Fetish & extreme bondage DVD Movies