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Cock- and ball sheath with piss tube


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Cock- and ball sheath with piss tube by Latexa #3364

Original Latexa - Denmark
This Latexa Cock- and ball sheath with piss tube is fully moulded. Even for other erotic play it is a thrilling rubber toy, and suitable for peeping fetish, BDSM- and bondage play or just for the next latex party.

  • Latexthickness: 0,8mm
  • Latex standard colors: black, red, semi-transparent.
  • Latex special colors: white, olive green, blue metallic, pink, Lilac, smokey gray (+5% surcharge)

For these rubberclothes and latexclothes you will find the matching latexcare products in our erotic onlineshop, e.g. shine, polish, siliconeoil, cleaning or talcumpowder.

Size: One size 

Latexa  -  Fetish quality products from Denmark

Latexa colours