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Open-Mouth Gag and Mask

SHT-PD4548 - Open-Mouth Gag and Mask  SHT-PD4548 - Open-Mouth Gag and Mask  SHT-PD4548 - Open-Mouth Gag and Mask  SHT-PD4548 - Open-Mouth Gag and Mask  SHT-PD4548 - Open-Mouth Gag and Mask  SHT-PD4548 - Open-Mouth Gag and Mask  


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Fetish Fantasy Elite Silicone Open-Mouth Gag and Mask by Pipedream Products

When your fetish-play demands the best materials possible, only the Fetish Fantasy Elite line will do! Made from medical-grade Elite Silicone, this ultra-premium collection is body-safe, hypo-allergenic, and sculpted to excite. It is phthalate-free, latex-free, nonporous and the safest sex toy material on the market today! The comfortable silicone mask gently covers your eyes and blocks out all incoming light. The Smart Clips on the strap easily adjust to fit most sizes and hook together with sturdy plastic clamps. Once you have adjusted the straps to fit your head, the mask is easy to remove. Simply unhook the clips in the back and the mask will be ready for your next use. The Open-Mouth Gag allows you to breathe easily, while still preventing you from fully speaking. The sturdy O-ring is 1.8 inches in diameter and comfortably keeps your mouth open for other adventures. The silicone strap holds the gag securely in place and easily adjusts using Smart Clips in the back. Just slide the straps until the gag fits snugly in your mouth, then hook the plastic Smart Clips in place. Cleanup is a snap after the fun with toy cleaner and warm water.
Material: Silicone

Available in small ring Ø 3,8 cm (1,5 inch)
* Pink - 0529893 0000 - € 36,95 now € 29,95
* Black - 0529907 0000- € 36,95 now € 29,95

Available in large ring Ø 4,5 cm (1,75 inch)
* Red - 0529915 0000 - € 39,95 now € 32,95
* Black - 0529923 0000 - € 39,95 now € 32,95



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