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MEO 'Cockilator' CockSleeve


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MEO 'Cockilator' CockSleeve


An awesome feeling that you will want to experience again and again! Because our new latex cock pump sucks more than the last vestiges of sanity out of you!

You will be oblivious to sight and sound during the pumping process. And the best thing is: It is soooo easy to use! Simply slip on like a condom and then pump it up! When you slip in, you will feel the tight "death grip", which encloses your dick and massages it sensually with every thrust in and out!

Squirt a bit of lube inside, half pump it up and it becomes a tight slippery hole, squeeze out the air and it creates a partial vacuum inside that literally sucks your cock.

The combination of sliding and sucking is incredible. As you get close pump the bulb with your other hand for the best orgasm ever.

Great to use on other guys too, see their faces when they cum.

We can't recommend the COCKilator highly enough!!!!