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Ball Stretcher for CBT with Spikes


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Ball Stretcher for CBT with Spikes by Rimba #7384

This is the most eXtreme CBT device we offer. To the unfortunate slave, this spiked ball weight secures around the penis and ball sack like a cock ring. Yet, it has a little twist from the ordinary. This device has 6 sharp removable steel spikes that can inflict discomfort when screwed in. The depth of the spike can be adjusted with a couple of turns. Can be set to barely touch the ball sack or to the max driving the spikes into the ball sack. It can also be used without the steel spikes. The middle spike on each side has a small hole for attachment options. Opens and closes with included allen wrench. Will not come off without the allen wrench key. Weighs 10 oz. Diameter is 1 3/8 inches This device can also be used with the ErosTek Remote control electrical unit. The banana jack for the ErosTek Unit enters a spike hole within the Impaler. Note: you will need another single pole device to complete the electric circuit. The electro penis bands below work well.


Rimba - Bondage and SM
Quality product from Holland