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Ring Gag in 4 sizes

XR-ST625 - Ring Gag in 4 sizes XR-ST625 - Ring Gag in 4 sizes XR-ST625 - Ring Gag in 4 sizes XR-ST625 - Ring Gag in 4 sizes 


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Ring Gag in 4 sizes by Strict Leather #ST625

The Strict Leather Ring Gag is a simple gag, consisting of a metal O-Ring, wrapped in thin leather, and a cinch strap which pulls the ring tightly into the mouth keeping it open. The straps can be adjusted to any tightness desired, and are secured by looping them through two D-rings.

Keep open all the kinky possibilities with the this ring. The ring forces your subs mouth open and allows you to use your imagination after that!

This ring gag is a nickel-plated steel ring wrapped in leather. The gag is secured in place by adjustable straps. Offered in 4 sizes, yet we recommend the medium for most people.

NOTE that attached straps reduce inside diameter by approx. .25"


  • Small: Inside Diameter: 1.25 inches, Outside Diameter: 1.75 inches
  • Medium: Inside Diameter: 1.5 inches, Outside Diameter: 2 inches
  • Large: Inside Diameter: 1.75 inches, Outside Diameter: 2.25 inches ( Big, only for advanced players )
  • Extra Large: Inside Diameter: 2 inches, Outside Diameter: 2.5 inches ( Very Big, only for advanced players )

Note: Due to popular demand we have added an extra large ring gag (measuring 2" inside diameter) that allows male users to be able to place their cock through the gag and into their sub's mouth.

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