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Tenga - Flip Hole Black Edition

THF-002 - Tenga - Flip Hole Black Edition THF-002 - Tenga - Flip Hole Black Edition THF-002 - Tenga - Flip Hole Black Edition THF-002 - Tenga - Flip Hole Black Edition 

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Price € 82,00
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BLACK EDITION Flip Hole Black by Tenga THF-002


Advice price: 99,00 euro
Mince price: 82,00 euro

The BLACK EDITION has arrived with all the characteristics of the flip mechanism. “Double-layered” has been adopted into the details, loaded with “Floating pads”. It is hygienic, easy to clean and to dry. It can be used up to 50 times giving you the opportunity to enjoy all 3 Lotions.






Great masturbator in futuristic design, with 3-levelled stimulating system for the maximum pleasure:

- 1 x vacuum
- 2 x restriction

With various soft internal nubs, grooves and spikes.



  • Dimensions: 85 x 68 x 175 mm.
  • Weigth: 537 g.
  • Colour: black/transparent
  • Material: ABS (external), silicone (internal)


Tenga One hand control Pad

Three different toy gels included: MILD for a very sensitive pleasure, REAL simulates the feeling of a real vagina and WILD ensures the ultimate gliding pleasure with menthol fragrance.


Tenga - the next step in the future of masturbation



Questions & Answers for the Tenga BLACK EDITION Flip Hole


Is the FlipHole series re-usable?

With proper washing of the interior, you can re-use the FlipHole.
Normal use will give the FlipHole up to 50 times so please try out our various lotions.
*Re-usage limit may differ according to method of use.

Is the FlipHole electronic?

No, please use the products to your own desire.

How do you wash them?

Please open the product after use. You may wash with hot water.

Please note, while you may use body soap or other soaps to wash, please refrain from using any soaps with highly acidic or alkaline properties.
These may cause the interior gel (the transparent soft parts) to degrade.
Please place on the slide-cap after washing to dry.

What are the differences between the Black and White FlipHoles?

The Black FlipHoles offer an all-round stronger stimulation than the White.

Of course, the interior designs are also different, with the Black offering a stronger stimulus.