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black imitation leather underbust corset


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Erotex black imitation leather underbust corset

Sexy black imitation leather underbuste corset, made of an impossible to set apart from real leather substitute! Lined from the inside with 65& polyester and 35% cotton. Check for your personal size our size table. This is a typical Victorian corset. The corset is about 10 cm (3.93") constricted. Sizes may vary. For an accurate reference to your size, you are refered to our size table. For questions about size, feel free to contact us.

Lining: 65% Polyester 35% Cotton


New with lacing guideLacing a Corset

Click on the picture for Mince's instructions 'how to lace a corset'.

Corset Sizes:UK6/EU32 up to UK28/EU54 (18-40 inches)
Erotex Fetish immitation Leather Corset EC005