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Dear customer,

New in our collection are our masks of the world famous brand STUDIO GUM. We are proud to be an official Dealer from these beautifull masks. The absolute world top is now accessible and visible in the showroom of

Studio Gum produces every mask as a high quality unique for the customer.

  • Therefore you have the opportunity to place special wishes for nearly everything.
  • E.g. the normal material thickness of our latex could be extended by 1 or 2 mm (with an additional price of EUR 28,00 per mm).
  • You can choose if you prefer a zip-fastener or a lacing (+EUR 24,00) of the suit.
  • We make your fantasies come true, nearly everything is possible, like accessories in different colours that may also differ from our standard colours "black", "clinic red" or "semi-transparent".
  • You can order your masks with or without openings, furthermore the size of the openings can be chosen by yourself.
  • If you want another size than our standard sizes, feel free to tell us. Please use our order sheet to inform us about your special wishes!
  • If a special design is not practicable for technicaltechnical reasons, we get into contact with you to discuss another opportunity.
  • If you have any further question, do not hesitateto contact us!
  • All our masks are equipped with a hair protection appliance to avoid pinching your hair.

Your STUDIO GUM team in collaboration with


SG-DMFa - Discipline Latex Mask
€ 168,00
Studio Gum Discipline Latex Mask DMFa   Heavy Rubber Latex Helm from the Discipline Mask series off Studio Gum with removable eyeflapsand mouthring for gag fixing (KF) (not inkluded) zip wit... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
SG-MFM07 - MFM 07
€ 512,00
Studio Gum Multifunction Latex Mask MFM07 including blindfold 3 different inflatable gags (KU1, KU2, KU3) breathing bag with air reducing valve, zip with hair protection undermask and overm... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
  (SG-FH 1)
SG-FH 1 - Bondage handschoenen FH 1
€ 79,95
Studio Gum Bondage-Gloves FH1 Studio Gum Bondage-Gloves FH 1 off Studio Gum has following options: strong belts with D-Rings thickness 1mm   
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
SG-MFM02 - Studio Gum MFM02
€ 512,00
Multifunction Latex Mask from Studio Gum   Multifunction Latex Mask in black, clinic red or semi-transparent with 40mm round thread connector. in- and outlet valve including blindfold 3 di... 
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock