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Premium quality BDSM products


A new exciting brand in the world of BDSM.
Our philosophy is creating handmade top quality leather products for fair prices. Sustainable, ergonomic, comfortable, but most of all: safe.

NLleather products are made in the Netherlands and will have a superb finishing. All our leather products are lined with real leather, therefore the nickel and metal parts cannot touch the skin. Plastic and rubber are materials we do not use. The only perfect and safe material we use in our products is medical silicone. Next to this a premium quality stainless steel also have an important part within our BDSM collection. So does testing. All our products have been tested and often redesigned before they finally where added to our collection.

After 12 years of experience in the BDSM world, NLleather started in 2 2008 with the developing of their range of BDSM products.
One of the reasons to do so was the disappointing quality of Chinese and Pakistani products. Several European and American companies had started to make a lower quality in order to keep up with the prices of the competition. Good quality was hard to find, and if so, hard to get. NLleather thinks that quality will always triumph in the end. We also know that those who are really into BDSM will appreciate this thought. Specially if they find out that quality does not have to be expensive!

All these BDSM products are made of the finest cow leather. Most of it imported from Argentina, where the cows walk around free in an open green grassland without barbed wire. This guarantees a flexible and undamaged top quality leather, that feels and smells great.  Excellent material to work with, one of the reasons our experienced Dutch hand craft professionals can turn a piece of leather into a piece of art.

NLleather is not only improving existing products, but also designing and producing new BDSM products and fetish clothing. At this moment NLleather has around 90 different products within their collection.  All items are in stock.


The beautifull collection of NLLeather consists of:

  • Bondage, beautifull Padded Cuffs, Professional Suspension Cuffs for hands and feet, Medical Bondage - Padded Hospital hand and Ancle Cuffs, Hospital Leather straitjacket.
  • Heavy Bondage masks, the famous Sensory Deprivation Leather Hood
  • Special collars as Corset collars, Neck Corsets, leather collar with stainless steel, even with a Pin to keep your head straight up, Slave Collar 'O'
  • Whips with stainless steel handles in hard & soft leather, Paddles, Riding crops, Danish Design unbreakable Leather Canes.
  • Bodybags, straitjacket, Singleglove, all double lined leather
  • C & B Toys - Cone Parachute, The Humbler in leather, lockable Leather chastity belts
  • Gags, with 100% silicone ball, dildo or bit, all lockable with padlock.
  • Comfortable leather Lined blindfolds.
  • Leather Strap-on with silicone dildo.
  • Partywear for men, Gladiator outfit and for women beautifull Design leather Skirts & Tops.
  • but also many toys for extreme bondage, Pony Head harness, catnails and much more


NL Leather Products from Holland

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nl-bshmed - Medical Suspension Wrist Cuffs
€ 99,00
Medical Suspension Wrist Cuffs nl-bshmed This pair of heavy duty suspension wrist cuffs come in one size and will fit everybody. Attached to the strong (inside nice/soft leather) flexible cowleather... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
NL-TSL1 - NL Leather Strap-on with 4 rings for 4 size dildos
€ 99,50
Adjustable double leather "Strapon" with 4 rings for 4 size dildos by NLLeather #TSL1 We are aware that a lot of people take interest in products like these and we also know that a lot of p... 
Currently out of stock Currently out of stock
NL-BSHB1 - Professional Suspension Wrist Cuffs
€ 209,00
Premium Suspension Wrist Cuffs Keep somebody suspended but in comfort. Is this possible? Can a man walk on the moon? These heavy duty professional set of suspension handcuffs are made in st... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
NL-BPP1 - Pony Head harness
€ 137,00
Pony Head harness by NL Leather This "pony head harness" is made from the finest cowleather, and has a pure silicone mouth bit. It's own design allowes you to enjoy the game as wanted. A leather line... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
NL-W65-36 - Medium long whip - 36 leather threads
€ 87,50
medium long NL-Leather Whip with stainless steel handle This medium long Danish designed leather whip has a total length of 65 cm. This version has a styleful high quality stainless steel h... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
NL-SJM1 - Hospital Leather straitjacket
€ 659,00
Hospital Leather straitjacket by NL Leather   Is this the most beautiful article from our collection? We certainly do feel that way. White Leather/medical straitjacket. Inside pleasantly soft. ... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
NL-HMB1 - Leather Master Stud Mask by NLLeather
€ 259,00
Leather Master Stud Mask by NLLeather This piece of art is for the dominating person. With a masterlook, no neckstrap around the neck and no possibillity to put a gag in the mouth is this for th... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
NL-HZS - Mask with zippers
€ 219,00
Design leather mask with zippers by NLleather Open or closed? Up to you! Fully leatherlined double leather hood from NLleather. Comfortable good fitting to enjoy the size  
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
Nl-BNB1 - Black Padded Collar
€ 45,00
Padded BDSM Collar by NLLeather This padlockable black/black collar is made out of beautiful quality leather. With inside foam under the flexible cowleather, not only strong but also very comfortable... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
NL-WRCR - Riding crop
€ 84,50
Metal Riding crop by NLLeather Design Riding crop with stainless steel handle This beautiful riding crop has a hard leather and a padded leather side. Available in black and red Length: 20,5 inch... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
NL00290001 - Leather Pony Bit Gag
€ 34,95
Leather Pony Bit Gag by NL Leather This leather horse bit gag is made from the highest quality leather. This bit gag has an adjustable strap, features a flexible silicone bit and has two double tuck ... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
NL00260006 - Leather Collar (2cm-width) Black/White
€ 27,95
Leather Collar (2cm-width) Black/White by NLLeather This leather collar is both comfortable and functional. This collar is fully lined, features a heavy duty O-ring and has an adjustable strap. No me... 
In stock, immediately available In stock, immediately available
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