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Tenga - new adult concept Masturbation Toys

The future of male pleasure is here, now!

Do you remember your best ever masturbation experience?
Have you ever told someone else how fantastic it felt?
No just as a joke, but because it was a truly remarkable sensual sensation?

Sexual issues of this kind have long been regarded as something “shady”, and so have adult products.

We appreciate that some people have an image of all adult goods as being nasty, dubious or worse.

That’s why TENGA has come to the party.
TENGA is here to revolutionize the realm of adult goods.

TENGA is here to transform “sex” into an open, up-front experience that anybody can enjoy.

Commited to realizing such grand dreams and ambitions, we have created a range of revolutionary products.

Introducing ONACUPs (onanism cups) designed to bring you never before experienced sensual sensations. All these products are available now and each one features unique, breakthrough functions.