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Rimba Elektro Sex Powerbox met LCD scherm 7880

  4 Channel  Digital Electro Sex Power Box.  
Rimba Article Number # 7890


Manual and user guide:

Please read this manual carefully before using the equipment and understand the precautions. The user assumes all risk in operating this device.


Rimba Elektro Sex Digital Power Box With 4 channels 7890   


This device, is operated on batteries (DC 4.5V. 3 x AAA) as well as on regular voltage (AC 110-240 volt).

This electro sex stimulator sends electrical impulses to the electro parts/toys which can be connected to this power box and placed on any body part as long as the shortest distance between electrodes does not cross the heart region. This stimulation has a sexual stimulating origin but can also be used as a medical device to fight, incontinency, erection problems and muscle weakness in the erogenous zones. Please ask and consult your doctor first before you use this device for medical treatments.

The basic of Electro sex stimulation is to create uncontrollable contractions of the muscles in the intimate areas by controllable electrical current.
This current will stimulate the nerves in the treated areas and this will lead to the muscle contractions. The stronger the current is, the tighter the contraction will be.
 Rimba created and developed a nice variety of different accessories to use on all Rimba Power Boxes. The electrodes have all different sizes and shapes to please both men and women.

This electro sex power box # 7890 has 4 channels which can be individually controlled over 15 different levels. Just use the + and – button. Each channel is bi-polar, so 4 different bipolar accessories can be used at the same time, each on the requested power level.

This # 7890 power box unit has 5 different stimulation /therapy programs.  Your selection will be shown on the digital display by a matching graph. This program and will run on all 4 channels. If you change the mode, it will show on the display and run again for all 4 channels.



The RIMBA nr. 7890, powerbox set contains;


  • 1 x 4-channel power box with LCD screen.
  • 4 x gel pads (electrodes) 
  • 2 x gel pads with press button connection
  • 5 x lead wires
  • 3 x 1.5 volts AAA batteries
  • 1 power cord
  • 1 International travel adapter, for use in the UK and the US
  • Manual in English

Accesories for Digital Sex Power Box With 4 channels


Accessories (Electrodes) which can be bought separately:

- # 7851 2 x Clamps uni-polar with lead wire.
- # 7852 2 x Breast/Body cups, bi-polar + 2 lead wires        
- # 7853 Aluminium dildo, bi-polar, Æ25 x 155 mm.    
- # 7854 Aluminium dildo, bi-polar, Æ35 x 165 mm.
- # 7855 Leather cock straps, bi-polar        
- # 7856 Scrotum parachute + lead wire, bi-polar.    
- # 7857 Aluminium anal plug, bi-polar, Æ35 x 140mm.
- # 7858 4 x self adhesive gel pads.
- # 7859 Egg small, bi-polar Æ25 x 60 mm.
- # 7860 Egg big, bi-polar Æ35 x 70 mm.
- # 7862 Aluminium cock ring / ball stretcher, bi-polar Æ35 mm. inside
- # 7863 Aluminium dildo, bi-polar Æ 25 x 125 mm.
- # 7864 Aluminium plug, balloon shape, bi-polar, Æ35 x 100 mm.
- # 7865 Aluminium dilator/sound, bi-polar,  Æ 8 x 180 mm.
- # 7866 Leather cock tube with lace adjustable, bi-polar.
- # 7867 Silicone plug, small, bi-polar Æ 28 x 75 mm.
- # 7868 Silicone plug, big, bi-polar Æ 40 x 155 mm.
- # 7869 Silicone penis ring set, flat, uni polar, Æ 40 + 50 mm.
- # 7870 Silicone penis ring set, round, bi polar, Æ 40 + 50 mm.
- # 7871 Aluminium penis ring set (3 Pcs.) uni-polar, 36 + 42 + 46 mm.
- # 7873 1 self adhesive gel butterfly with pressing buttons connection
- # 7874 Aluminium dildo, bi-polar Æ 16 x 160 mm.
- # 7876 Conductive glove set complete
- # 7877 Aluminium dildo with double bullet, bi-polar  Æ35 x 100 mm.
- # 7878 Aluminium dildo with 5 bullets, bi-polar Æ25 x 160 mm.
- # 7879 Aluminium Anal plug, bi-polar Æ30 x 90 mm.
- # 7881 2 x Self adhesive gel pads with pressing buttons connection.
- # 7882 Aluminium mini-plug, bi-polar Æ25 x 60 mm.
- # 7883 Leather cock strap with buckle, bi-polar
- # 7884 Leather cock harness with pressing buttons, bi-polar
- # 7885 Leather cock/scrotumstrap with elastic, bi-polar
- # 7886 Plastic dildo, bi-polar Æ25 x 145 mm.
- # 7887 Plastic mini plug, bi-polar Æ25 x 70 mm.
- # 7888 Aluminium Anal plug, bi-polar,  Æ50 x 105 mm.
- # 3000 Electro contact Gel,  250 ml per bottle.


Warning and Precaution:

Electro Sex Stimulation is not for children and not a children’s toy!
Use always your common sense and read this manual carefully.

- Do not use if you wear cardiac-pacemaker.
- Do not use if you are pregnant.
- Do not use on eyelids.
- Do not use on broken skin.
- Avoid abrupt changes in stimulation control settings.
- Keep out of the reach of children.
- Turn the powerbox off before applying, removing or changing the electrodes.
- Stimulation of areas where bones are near the skin (knee, forehead or chin) can be painful for some patients.
- Stimulation controls, especially the level of intensity should be adjusted slowly.
- Do not immerse the stimulation-powerbox in water or other liquids.
- Do not use the power adapter when broken or damaged
- Keep out of the reach of children.


Side effects:

Skin irritation may occur beneath or around the electrode sites. If skin irritation persists discontinue use immediately.



Use our contact gel to create an optimal contact between the body and the electrodes.
Item # 3000 = Rimba Electro Contact Gel, bottle 250 ml.



  1. Check First if all parts are complete and in original state without damage.
  2. Place 3 AAA pen lite batteries in the battery compartment at the underside of the power box, or use the enclosed power cord (with power adapter) to provide power.
  3. Check if the power box is working by pressing the ON/OFF button.
    The blue LED must light up and the display will show activity.
    The timer will automatically show 5 minutes and start the count down.
  4. Now press the “ - “ buttons to adjust the channels to level zero.
  5. Connect the chosen electrodes (accessories) to the inserts (jacks) on the required channels (1,2,3 or 4)

Your digital sex power box is now ready to use.


Rimba Elektro Sex Digital Power Box With 4 channels 7890


Getting Started:

  1. Place the electrodes on or in the area to treat. Look out for irritations or broken skin. Use rich quantities of contact gel on dry, plastic and metal surfaces of accessories.
  2. Make your choice from one of five different  “MODES” 
  3. Adjust your timer mode, adjustable per 5 minutes with a maximum of 30 minutes continuous therapy.
  4. Turn on the requested channel by pressing the “+” button to the First level. If wanted, please press “+” button again to go to the next level. There are 15 levels per channel. The current level is shown per channel individually on the display’s diagram.
  5. It is possible to change the MODE while running therapy. The graph will change on the display.
  6. In case of an emergency, use the ON/OFF button to stop therapy
  7. After you have turned off the power box, the electrodes or pad scan be disconnected and taken from the body.


  • Clean the body part and the area around that you want to treat with electro therapy. The self adhesive pads will hold better and last much longer.
  • Emergency: press the ON/OFF button to stop treatments immediately.
  • Take the batteries out, when the power box is not used.
  • The better the contact the better the therapy. Contact gel will help you out.


Repeat all these actions before every use!

The key pads: (press buttons)
The power box is equipped with following buttons:

  1. ON / OFF button: to switch on and off.
  2. Time + and - button: the requested time can be adjusted up and down in steps of 5 minutes. The count down will start at once. The maximum timer level is 30 minutes. If the count down reaches zero, the power box automatically switches off.
  3. ‘Mode’ buttons: The selected mode is indicated by a blue LED light.
  4. Intensity buttons + and -. Each channel can be adjusted separately with the + and – buttons over the total of 15 levels.

LCD screen:
The LCD screen will indicate which channel is active and on what level. Each bar is one level. The graph shows how the therapy runs and the timer shows how much time remains in the therapy session.


This power box is no children’s toy. If you are being monitored by or under treatment with a medic / doctor, please do consult your doctor for possible health risks before you start using this power box. If you suffer from tumors, infection, heart rhythm troubles, or skin irritations, please do consider this as risk.
Do not use this digital sex power box in combination with other medical equipment or other medical supporting devices such as:


  1. Pacemaker or similar cardio devices.
  2. Prostheses and/or metal pins, screws, plates in your body.
  3. All electronic devices needed and used to monitor, control or protect your body and health.

Never use electro sex accessories near heart, eyes, mouth or irritated/damaged skin.
Do not use the power box if you are or trying to get pregnant.

Cleaning and Maintaining:
Clean the body of the power box with a damp cloth and a small amount of soft soap. Gently rub the stains away. Never soak the device or use petroleum products or alcohol to clean.
Clean electrodes (gel-pads) carefully with a damp cloth and dry them slowly.
Keep them away from direct sunlight.
Keep the power box and accessories in a safe and dry environment. Avoid extreme heath, cold, fire and liquids. Do not repair this power box device by yourself.
Do not use any other power cord than the one enclosed.
Take out the batteries when the power box unit is not used!

Product specifications :


Power supply

4.5V, 3 x AAA


1 - 100HZ

Power Consumption

Max. 540mw

Output Power

Min.  25uA, 1.25mW, Max. 100uA , 20 mW (into 2K 0hm load)

Puls Widthe

20-220 µS



Trouble shooting: Causes and Solutions:


Status of the product



No LCD display after the batteries were installed.





Battery contacts may need cleaning.

Check and remove the batteries.

Batteries are used  or polarity incorrect

Check the cause and remove or re-install.

The contact is bad between the batteries and the spring

Expand the anode spring by using a suitable tool.

No LCD display after power cord was connected The power is not connected Check again if plugs have been inserted correctly, if necessary use the travel adapter
There is no power Power cord might be broken or damaged, please try battery operation
You are using a non original power cord Please use the original supplied power cord

No feeling but the LCD display is in working



Plug inserted in the jack firmly?

Check and correct connection between electrode and chord, chord and jack.

Is the lead and the electrode connected well?

Connect them correctly.

Stimulation becomes weak or tingling.





Is the electrode terminal stuck onto the skin correctly?

Stick the electrode terminal firmly onto the skin

Dirt on electrode terminal surface?

Wipe clean or replace electrode terminal.

Oil on skin

Clean your skin.

It stops output before the 15 minutes is up

Batteries used.

Replace batteries or connect the power cord.

Treated surface flushing red/flushing or tingling.

Skin allergy against electrode terminal material.

Check skin allergic history, for slight allergy, change position or shorten treatment time, for severe allergy, stop treatment or try desensitization therapy.


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