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BON4Mplus Stainless Steel Chastity Device


BON4Mplus Stainless Steel Chastity Device B4-B4020

This new designed Male Stainless Steel chastity package comes with standard 2 different sized cages and with 4 different sizes of stainless steel hinged back rings.
This is a very complete secure male chastity package
There are also two additional sizes of hinged back rings available:
36mm (1.4″) and 56mm (2.2″) diameter. These can be purchased separately or added to the order.

2 different sizes of stainless steel chastity cages
Overall Assembled Length: 90mm (3.65″) and 110mm (4.33″)
Internal cage length: 65mm (2.56″) and 85mm (3.35″)
Cage opening diameter: 35mm (1.38″)
4 Different stainless steel back rings:
40mm, 44mm, 48mm, and 52mm
(1.57″ 1.73″, 1.89″ and 2.05″)
4 medical grade silicone ring covers
2 stainless Locking Pins
2 top quality padlocks
All re-designed New BON4M cages come with 5 unique numbers laser engraved.
These numbers are kept in BON4's database and guarantee our customers an original BON4.

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