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Spark-Plug Regular

DU-133240 - Spark-Plug Regular DU-133240 - Spark-Plug Regular DU-133240 - Spark-Plug Regular DU-133240 - Spark-Plug Regular DU-133240 - Spark-Plug Regular DU-133240 - Spark-Plug Regular 



Spark-Plug Regular by Oxballs

This is a great piece - a CockSling and buttplug all in one! We loved watching our boy get into this. His cock got hard as soon as he got the CockSling portion on. Once he slipped in the buttplug we just heard him moan and watched that cock get even harder!

This is a super strecthy ass lock made of the same material (TPR) as the CockSling. The butt plug portion will fit almost any hole and gives you just enough nubs to work it in nice and tight. The tube between the Cocksling and buttplug fits perfectly in your crack which means you can wear this all day long and comfortbaly. You might not be able to pay attention to what you're doing but it will sure feel amazing!

The widest part of the plug is approximately 1.75" and the length of the tube from cock sling to plug (measuring from the side that rests alongside the body) is approximately 4.5".


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