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Nut Cracker - MEO CBT Edition


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Nut Cracker - MEO CBT Edition


Can create a lot of presure on the balls!!!!

This is made out of hard wood maple, and coated for easy maintenance. We could give you a good description of this unit but we think the name says it all :-)

Info CBT:

Cock and Ball Torture, or CBT for short, refers to sexual stimulation through erotic-painful treatment of the cock and balls. This is not torture in the ethical sense, but rather a widespread consensual sexual variety of BDSM. An orgasm can be sought or achieved, but this is not a prerequisite. By the way CBT is a widespread method of erotic stimulation, in surveys, 81 % of all submissive, masochistic or obedient men asked stated that they have practical experience with CBT. The spectrum of practices used in CBT serve to cause slight to severe pain or slight anxiety, depending upon the preference of the bottom (passive partner).

Size: 64 mm x 145 mm (oval)
Length of the the threaded bar ca.: 100 mm.