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Hemp Rope


Hemp Rope

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Special for Japanese bondage (Shibari).

Japanese bondage techniques use natural vegetable fiber rope (hemp) exclusively. The natural fibers easily lock to each other which means the bondage can be held together by the friction of twists and turns or very simple knots.

Natural Hemp rope is a great soft feeling natural fibre rope. Our Natural Hemp rope is made from the Flax plant. Flax Hemp has a very traditional look and feel which makes it great for traditional ship rigging and It's very soft feel makes it ideal for gymnasium climbing ropes , which would normally be made from 4 strand hemp with a harder lay. 


Hemp rope for Japanese bondage - Shibari

According to several sources,[5] bondage as a sexual activity first came to notice in Japan in the late Edo period. Generally recognized as "father of Kinbaku" is Seiu Ito, who started studying and researching Hojojutsu in 1908 and turned it into an art form. Kinbaku became widely popular in Japan in the 1950s through magazines such as Kitan Club, which published the first naked bondage photographs. In the 1960s, Eikechi Osada brought performance bondage to the public eye.

In recent years, shibari has become popular in the Western BDSM scene in its own right and has also profoundly influenced bondage, combining to produce many 'fusion' styles.












Click for more info about the Japanse bondageart 'Shibari' on the picture below.


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