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Doggy Bench "Easy Lock"


Steel Doggy Bench "Easy Lock"

Simple and practical. Due to the well thought out design of this Prison Stockade in the doggy position holds securely, even long term, fixed on the spot. The length is adjustable from 70-120cm. Similarly, the iron in the neck is in height adjustable as needed. The handcuffs are at ground level and not affixed to the beam at a distance of 30cm, thus does not have to twist their wrists subbi. The irons have a distance of approximately 55cm to each other.

For transportation purposes, or when not in use, this metal bondagetoy can quickly break down into small stocks parts and hide from prying eyes well. Of course, just as quickly with a few simple steps reassemble.
The steel clamps are equipped with quick-release fasteners, which are also included, and are securely sealed in seconds. Clamp close - click - finished.

The pictures in our BDSM shop floor to show the pillory in the black powder-coated finish. This coating method is industrially produced by a very robust and durable surface on which it guarantees, in contrast to the standard coating.

Special requests or changes for this furniture SM can of course also make for you. Please contact us without obligation, simply.

As with all furniture and Steel Bondage BDSM equipment from our store is quality craftsmanship.
Made in Germany. 

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