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Pubic Enemy No 2 - with conducting urethral sound


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Pubic Enemy No.2 with conducting urethral sound by Mystim

The Pubic Enemy No 2 is our newest device and almost the same cockcage as the Pubic Enemy No 1 but then with a conducting urethral sound and not with 2, but 3 conducting surfaces, left, right and under the penis shaft.
The transparent cock cage with e-stim function lets you keep a boisterous willy pent up under lock and key so that he can't get stiff until the mistress, or the master, comes with the key and lets him out. With the urethral sound and its 3 conducting surfaces, left, right and under the penis shaft the prisoner can be treated to your heart's content with tingles, twitches or pulsations in precisely the intensity he deserves.

In order to make him fit for any men’s best asset, the length of our Pubic Enemy No 2 can be individually adjusted in 4 lengths and the diameter in 6 different steps.

Because his urethral sound and conductive surfaces can be taken out in no time at all, our chastity belt for wayward gentlemen is perfect even for those who haven’t yet discovered e-stim. And if a prisoner gets too cocky later, the conductivity can easily be restored.

Moreover the Pubic Enemy No 2 comes with an elegant storage case which offers enough space for the wide range of accessories. Deliveries include not only the cage, the urethral sound and the conductive pads, but also the compatible 2mm lead wire in order to connect the cage to one of our power boxes. Moreover there is also a detailed instruction manual in 6 languages.

A metal lock with engraved mystim shield and a set of 5 plastic seals ensure there is no escape from the Pubic Enemy. For forgetful subs there are enough name plates with the line “hands off – this prisoner belongs to…”, which fit into the holder of the cage. Just as a little reminder who owns the cage’s content.

Mystim electro stimulation

article no 46621
EAN code 4260152466215
synthetic body with conducting surfaces of 100 % medical grade platinum silicone

The Cage
inner diameter: 34 mm at the mouth, 47 mm at the widest point
length: 82 mm; can be increased with the 3 spacers included in the delivery. Each spacer adds 4 mm.

The Clasp
inner diameter is variable in 6 steps from 33 mm to 52 mm


2 mm plug (female)

with e-stim?
4 (quattropolar)
adjustable size
with removeable conducting surfaces
1 Pubic Enemy No 1 cock cage
1 metal padlock with two keys
5 plastic seals
10 name shields
including electrode cable
with manual in German, English, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch and Russian
in a hardcover zipper box
Mystim e-stim cock cage
24 months
please note
You will require an e-stim device – like our Tension Lover, or the Mystim Pure Vibes – to activate the poles.


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