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6 Channel Digital E-Stim Unit


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TX6 - 6 Channel Digital E-Stim Unit by Zeus

This device is ideal for those who are serious about e-stim play, or those who want to take their e-stim fantasies that much further. Inside of the box lies a machine that offers many possibilities for stimulating electrosex sessions. Imagine a sexy nurse teasing and stimulation your erogenous zones. Now you can bring that fantasy home and enjoy invigorating electro sex with a high-quality power box. The box has an easy layout and labeling system, so you can see where everything is at a glance. At the bottom, you'll notice six individual channels with their own adjustment knobs. This means that you could hook up more than one electrode item to your body and give different areas, different sensations. For example, you can assemble together a set that involves cockrings, tens pads, a butt plug and a urethral sound. With so much going through your body you'll reach heightened stimulation. If your partner wishes to join in, then maybe you can divide the box, 3 for you and 3 for them. Maybe you want to invite more than one person to join you, as long as there's another output space left there's always room for one more. A total of 12 uni-polar accessories can be used, so give your imagination a sexual workout. This device packs lots of power, tons of options at a super value price! Benefits & Features: It can replace the need for hand massages for muscle relaxation and stimulation. Five types of pulse waves: continuous, dense-disperse, intermittent, ripple and start/stop can deliver various levels of electro stimulation. Six kinds of wave combinations can be used at the same time and each wave can be controlled independently of the others. Hi-Tech Digital Displays Includes a timing switch for safe on and off control. Output monitors so you can consistently check the levels of electro-stim.


  • One acupoint detecting pen
  • six (6) sets of output wires
  • ten (10) rubber pieces
  • two (2) self-stick electric conductive rubber flat
  • four (4) power micromagnets
  • three (3) rubber bands (1 long, 1 medium and 1 short)
  • instruction manual and acupoint figure
  • To power it use 1 DC 9V Adapter (included) or 6 "C" batteries.

Compatibility: With the right adapters, you can use this power box with most of our e-stim, My-stim and Rimba accessories. For Folsom/Erostek products use the spare output leads. Then you could directly connect to your Folsom/Erostek accessories, such as the butt plug or the electrosex gloves. For Rimba products use the In Line Adapter in order to connect your Rimba items to this power box. You can also utilize the Banana to Snap adapters for PES Electrosex Products and Banana to Pins adapters for use with tens pads.

Zeus Electrosex

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