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Russian Whip - 'Nostalgia'


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Russian Whip - 'Nostalgia' by Fetish Company ru-10618-a20

If this handcrafted work of art's intimidating silhouette doesn't leave an impression, its vicious lashes surely will! Functionailty and beauty come together in its high quality leather strands handwoven over the elongated, slightly flexible handle. The rigid part of the handle measures at approximately 850mm before continuing into the supple business end. A leather belt loop affixed with a metal O-ring serves as a nice finishing touch on an already gorgeously elegant whip.

Elegant black whip

  • Length (not including the lanyard): approximately 2000mm
  • Diameter of the grip: 20mm
  • Grip length: 110mm
  • Solid inner core length: approximately 850mm

Exclusive Russian Whips by Fetish Company