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Flogger 'Scorpio' by Fetish Company


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Flogger 'Scorpio' by Fetish Company ru-b10692

16 strands of high quality medium hard leather are at your service to deal punishment with this wonderfully crafted flail from the hands of the whip masters from Moskou, Fetish Company! Its solid 200mm grip (which features a sturdy leather lanyard) segues into a 210mm long slightly flexible and expertly woven solid section. Crowning the flail are its 16 380mm long, punishingly stiff strands. From top to bottom, the expert craftsmanship is immediately apparent to anyone lucky enough to hold it (and those unlucky enough to be subjected to it)!

16-stranded flogger

  • Total length (not including the lanyard): approx. 850mm
  • Strands length: 380mm
  • Grip length: 200mm
  • Grip diameter: 28mm