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Young Forceps

Xr-NS130 - Young Forceps Xr-NS130 - Young Forceps Xr-NS130 - Young Forceps Xr-NS130 - Young Forceps 

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Rounded Open End Young Forceps With Removable Rubber Tips

Use these Young Forceps to create an ultimate clamp on any part of the body! Serrated rubber tips on the ends are removable for a gentler clip, or leave them in place for a more intense bite and extra texture. Near the handles, use the locks to create different levels of intensity and maintain it over an extended period of time. These forceps can be used on a variety of body parts such as the nipples, labia, penis or scrotum. Photos show forceps in use after rubber tips have been removed. Sold individually.

These original medical clamp is for nipples, lips, or tongue suitable.

Price is per piece.
Material: Medical High Grade Steel


Kink Industries - NS130


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