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Device Bondage 77 - Non-Stop Torment


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Device Bondage 77 - Non-Stop Torment

Perched with all of her weight resting on her pussy, Kristina is subjected to grueling pain. Her legs are pulled back, her arms are stretched out to the side. Her body is covered in pegs, then beaten off, leaving the room full screams. She is then moved to the floor and put in a device that has her legs spread as wide as they will go. Her weight is now balancing on one knee and her chest, which is making breathing difficult. Her feet are tortured and her ass is flogged. A large ass hook is inserted and tied to her head, and her cunt is fucked hard. This time the Pope doesn't stop until she has had so many orgasms that she is drained of all of her juices.

The Pope vs Kristina Rose

Directed by:
Starring: Kristina Rose
Media: Original pressed DVD 5 - NTSC - 16:9 - All Region
Running Time: 62 min - Fetish & extreme bondage DVD Movies