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Latex Vacuumbed

La-3056 - Latex Vacuumbed La-3056 - Latex Vacuumbed La-3056 - Latex Vacuumbed La-3056 - Latex Vacuumbed La-3056 - Latex Vacuumbed 



Latexa BDSM toys are all glued and topquality Bondage Latex Vacuumbed by Latexa 3056

This Latex Vacuum Bed delivers an incredible bondage experience! By vacuuming the air from between two layers of 14 gauge latex, this vacuum bed immobilizes the person inside and produces an extremely restrictive and sensual experience. The Vac-Bed comes with: Its own 1 1/2 inch PVC frame (holes are predrilled along the inside to spread the pull of the vacuum.) A 14 gauge latex sack, with a zipper that runs along one side, fits snuggly over the PVC frame. A reinforced hole for the vacuum cleaner attachment. A reinforced hole is also available for breathing. Using the Extreme Black Latex Vacuum Bed is simple. The dom places their bondage partner inside the vacuum bed, ensuring that they can breathe safely through the vacuum bed's breathing hole. The dom then closes the zipper that runs the length of the side of the vacuum bed and makes sure that their bondage partner is comfortable before attaching the vacuum cleaner to the connector at the bottom. The 1.5" PVC connector will fit most household vacuum cleaners. NOTE: (Mince recommends using a hollow gag so that there is no chance of the breathing hole slipping and restricting the flow of air.) When the vacuum cleaner is switched on, all of the air will be rapidly and evenly removed from all sides, instantly "shrink wrapping" the person inside. It is important to check to make sure that the person inside the vacuum bed is breathing alright and that they are not experiencing any discomfort before continuing. For unusual games. Enjoy the special feeling wrapped in latex. There is no way to escape. Measurements: The black measures 74" in length and 35.5" in width. (Size: 2 x 1m)

WARNING: Caution should be taken when using the vacuum bed. Never leave anyone unattended in a vacuum bed and never use this device for self-bondage.

Color: black, red, white, blue-metallic, transparent, smoky-grey, olive-green, lila
Thickness: 0,4 mm latex
Size: 200 cm x 100 cm

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