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Leather Ancle Cuffs


leather ankle cuffs with spikes from Ledapol #763

Top quality leather ankle cuffs with spikes and velvet leather lining. 
Available in black, white and red

Ledapol fetish pvc, leather and bondagegear

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Le-762 - Wristcuffs with spikes
€ 29,95
Leather handcuffs from Ledapol #762 Leather handcuffs with spikes. Available in black, red or white  
En stock, disponibles dès maintenant En stock, disponibles dès maintenant
le-761 - Leather Collar
€ 34,95
Leather Collar from Ledapol #761 Heavy leather padded Collar with spikes. Adjustable, available in black, white or red    
Actuellement en rupture de stock Actuellement en rupture de stock