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Geisha Balls with loop


Geisha Balls made from polished stainless steel with loop.

unlike the Love Balls, these two balls are massive and do NOT include an internal rolling ball.
Periodical training with it is fun and can strengthen the muscles of the pelvic floor.
This is useful, not necessarily only from a medical point of view :-)
It's also a neat toy for the Top, to keep the Sub in shape.


  • LL-GK002/S  -  Ø 30mm  -  230 gr.  -  € 79,00
  • LL-GK003/S  -  Ø 40mm  -  530 gr.  -  € 89,00



Lust und Liebe - Toys for thrilling bondage games! Usable for male and female 'victims'. High quality Hand-made stainless steel and leather toys from Germany.