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Willaboo 5-Pack

DU-133871 - Willaboo 5-Pack DU-133871 - Willaboo 5-Pack DU-133871 - Willaboo 5-Pack DU-133871 - Willaboo 5-Pack DU-133871 - Willaboo 5-Pack 

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Prix € 15,40

Willaboo (5-Pack) is a smart, inflatable masturbator for men


During inflation, an inner tube gets formed in the design that gives a nice and tight sensation. The further you inflate them, the tighter this sensation... let the (free included) lube flow in and your party can begin! A 5-pack contains 5 Willabooís.

Blow Job Masturbator. You can also fill a Willaboo with air and some warm water (38° /102F)! By gently squeezing the Willaboo during usage, you will tighten & release the inner tube. This creates a wonderful warm and sucking sensation. 

And after usage? Simply throw them away, so you never need to clean them and you are always assured of the best hygiene. Each Willaboo is packed, per piece, in a slim and pocketsize package that is not recognizable as a sex toy.

Convenient, smart, but above all: nice! A great gift for yourself or a friend.

Willabooís are made of pure polyethylene, a material that feels soft but firm and is completely safe for contact to the skin. The material is fully recyclable.

Fully inflated, a Willaboo measures 24cm in length.