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Sensory Deprivation Leather Hood


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Premium Total Sensory Deprivation Leather Hood


Grit your teeth and bear it boy! This hood is not for those that panic. This heavy duty hood is hand made to exceptional quality standards. When the 3 locking leather straps are pulled tight against the padded eyes, mouth and ear areas you get that oh boy feeling. With your senses leaving quickly you become very submissive to your master's demands and struggle to hear their every word. This is by far one of the finest hoods we offer. Comes in one size with laces for adjusting to fit. Features: Padded leather ear pockets Padded leather reinforcement for eyes and mouth 3/4 inch mouth hole Leather laced rear back for snug fit 3 extra leather locking straps Straps can be used with or without padlocks

NL leather 

Topquality from NLLeather - Amsterdam