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Double Trouble Penis Plug


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Double Trouble Penis Plug by MEO #8416

You slowly slide it in ... mhhhm yummy. As soon as you get through the first level, you slip it in a little deeper and seconds later, even the large bead disappears in your cock. The only thing still visible is the round disc! Once the penis plug has been fully inserted, the extra-large disc at the end has an “inviting” look for the active partner, as if to say “use me” or “stuff me.”

Once inserted, the only thing still visible is the stainless steel disc and its opening.

Insertion is spectacular: thanks to its conical form, it goes in easy at first. You actually think that the job is done. But then you get to the second level, a ball with a nearly impossible diameter of almost 1 cm... Just right for fans of cock-stuffing.

Specs: Penis plug in medical-grade stainless steel manufactured using CNC techniques. With an extra-large end disc (approx. 15 mm = ½ “). Length 50 mm (2”), insertable length 45 mm (1 ¾ “). Maximum diameter 9 mm (1/3 “). Hole all the way through.

MEO: makes you come

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