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Rechargeable Womanizer Crystal Dreams


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Rechargeable Womanizer Crystal Dreams

Now available as luxury version with SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS!
The revolutionary womanizer-technology, which has nothing to do with a vibrator, makes a non-touch clitoris stimulation possible for the first time ever.
The clitoris gets lightly sucked by the placed on stimulator and then pleasured by the contactless and delicately controlled pulsating pressure waves. It has numerous SWAROVSKI® ELEMENTS, even the control button being one of them!

Touchless stimulation

Glows in the dark. Length approx. 16 cm, width 5 cm. Rechargeable. Material: ABS, silicone, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH. 

Delivery with instruction manual, replacement cap and USB wire with plug. In a hard case with zip.

The revolutionary womanizer technology enables the clitoris to be stimulated without contact for the first time. Therefore, there is a new pleasure experience and no more over-stimulation of the clitoris.

Orgasms which up until now haven´t been experienced in this way, this powerful or so often. Many women get a completely new orgasm feeling. The womanizer with its new technology and the way it works, which has nothing to do with a vibrator, is the gentlest and, at the same time, most powerful stimulation device that is on the world market.

  • non-touch stimulation of the clitoris
  • precise adjustable intensity regulation
  • rechargeable lithium ion battery (via USB port)
  • exchangeable stimulation head, for safe and clean use (made of medical silicone)
  • light effect in the dark
  • attractive design
  • no adapting effect due to new technology
  • triggers multiple orgasms
  • absolutely new orgasm feelings
  • 2 year warranty

Sucks and stimulates though impulses where the frequency is adjustable at the push of a button. Attached stimulator for the contactless stimulation of the clitoris. Dimensions: 160 x 50 mm. Weight: 150 g. Material: ABS, phthalate-free according to EU Regulation REACH. Rechargeable with enclosed cable and plug. Includes one replacement attachable cover and an instruction manual. Everything is packed in a hard case with a zip.

Always use waterbased lubes

General description - Womanizer - Your Private Delight

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