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Spex - Cock Snake by Julian Snelling


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Spex - Cock Snake by Julian Snelling


A jewel with no equivalent inspired by the swan's neck.
Inserted in one , then in the other ring, your sex raises its neck, the glans stimulated with the tip of the Spex. Erection thus restrained feels like a sweet torture..... and provides unequalled possibilities for uro-games amateurs.
METAL Bronze BR10

The feeling is actually comparable, but yet much better, because it is more intense. Once it is placed around your flaccid cock, you IMMEDIATELY feel it tightening without mercy and grasping your cock in a chokehold. It feels as though a strict, experienced dominatrix or a relentless master, full of perverse lust, were to seize your cock with a powerful hand. Feelings of excitement, panic, and arousal start, which you are helpless to fulfill, because the Cock Snake knows no mercy. Horniness coupled with desperation – ENJOY, BE HUMBLE, and SURRENDER. With increasing arousal, the cock restraint closes tighter around your manhood and painfully prevents any erection. Think of a constrictor in the Amazon winding around your neck. The more intensely you struggle, the tighter and stronger its chokehold becomes. And never forget: The Cock Snake doesn’t tolerate any dissent.

Specification – Dimensions: Julian Snelling's Spex - Cock Snake is a hand made Bronze penis restraint. Beautifully crafted by Julian Snelling to not only look hot but so functional that once applied the wearer will not be able to get an erection. Get control of your member and look good doing it with the Cock Snake! Made of 2 rings secured together.

Larger ring is 1 1/4" (ca. 34mm) in diameter and the smaller is 1" (ca. 26 mm).