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Bumballs with gemstone by Julian Snelling


The Rosebud Bumballs with gemstone by Julian Snelling

A dumb-bell quite effective to do your gym and bring back all its tonicity to your perineum. Contract the anus, it will be sucked in the rectum and will slide all the way to the stopper. Release anal contraction and it will go back to the starting point. Quite suitable to prepare for sodomy and also to maintain anal sphincter suppleness.

  • Material: Stainless steel 303
  • MODEL Strass or gemstone 5mm
  • Width: 97mm - ø25mm - 230g
  • Penetrating: 70mm - ø25mm

Available in Aquamarine-Blue, Red, Green or Chrystal Strass

Rosebuds erotic Juwelery by Julian Snelling

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