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Nexus Glide


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Nexus Glide Male G-Spot Massager


The Glide was developed in conjunction with the UK’s Sex Worker of the Year (Erotic Awards). It is specifically designed for men who want to experiment in anal play - stimulating the prostate (the G-Spot) and perineum area. These area are pivotal in controlling and increasing a man's erection, orgasm and ejaculation.Essentially, they are the command centres for sexual pleasure. The Glide enhances the strength of traditional orgasms whilst masturbating or during intercourse, it can also be used during foreplay. The Glide's size and shape has made it a hit with beginners as a gentle, yet exciting introduction to anal play. The Glide is a brilliant all-rounder for those who are new to the joy of prostate massage as well as those who are more experienced players. The Glide has a stainless steel rollerball, which teases and tantalizes the perineum point in addition to hitting the male G-spot, making orgasms much more intense.


The Glide is the best selling toy in the Nexus family.


Shaft Length: 11.5cm
Shaft Circumference: 3.0cm
Material: Medical grade polypropylene
Features: Stainless steel roller ball massager
Handle for manual intervention
Lubricant: Water-based and silicone


How do I use the Nexus Glide?

Those trying out prostate massage for the first time have found that making the effort to relax and get to know their intimate areas usually leads to much deeper and more prolonged orgasms, so we suggest you set some time aside to relax with your favourite adult movie or magazine.

Once you feel ready, take a good dollop of lube and work it into the whole anal area. Try to spend at least 10 minutes on this x-rated massage as it is essential in promoting blood flow to the area and getting those all-important nerve endings tingling! When you feel ready, use some more lube on the head and shaft of the Glide and by holding the handle gently insert the head of the toy into your anus and position it so that the whole shaft is inside and the roller ball is resting against your perineum. The most comfortable position for this to begin with will probably be for you to lie on your back with your knees bent and legs a shoulder-width apart, but of course the more you experiment with prostate toys the more you can discover what is the most pleasurable for you. Once you have inserted the Glide and are feeling relaxed and comfortable, take the handle of the toy (this should be positioned behind the shaft and will be pointing downwards between your legs) and slowly start manipulating it so that you can feel the shaft rubbing along your anal canal. You should also be feeling the head of the toy massaging a particularly sensitive area - congratulations, you have found the male G-spot! From here on it’s all about experimentation so take a deep breath and move the toy in whatever way feels the most pleasurable until you push yourself over the edge and experience the wonder of a G-spot orgasm. We promise you’ll come back for more!