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A Ruthless Interrogation


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A Ruthless Interrogation Femdom BDSM DVD with Mistress Kat9 

Steve is caught steeling a map of a diamond mine in South Africa and is being interrogated by Mistress Kat9, dressed in a sexy Military coat and black leather boots. The first scene has Steve bound to the metal interrogation chair, he is blindfolded with dark goggles and Mistress Kat9 verbally interrogates him while slapping his face, twisting his nipples, and slapping his thighs with a riding crop. The second scene Steve is tied down over the horse and is flogged harshly. Mistress Kat9's patience is wearing thin, as Steve continues denying any knowledge of a map. Steve is now tied to a bondage table and Mistress Kat9 decides that if her prisoner won't talk, she will definitely try to beat a confession out of him. She goes off on a whipping spree, using straps, belts, leather paddles, crops, and floggers to finally get a full confession out of Steve. Starring Mistress Kat9.


Syren Productions DVD
black leather boots, blindfolded, slapping, whipping, straps, belts, leather paddles, crops, floggers


A Ruthless Interrogation Femdom BDSM DVD with Mistress Kat9