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The Medieval Pinwheel


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The Medieval Pinwheel by Bad Kitty

Create spine tingling sensations with this medieval version of the classic Wartenberg Pinwheel. This sensation play pinwheel has evenly spaced radiating sharp points which stimulate the nerves when rolled across the skin. Titillating and exciting when used creatively.
Roll the evenly spaced points across the skin to send spine-tingling sensations throughout your submissive’s body. Apply varied amounts of pressure to create sensations ranging from erotic to wickedly painful. This type of toy is especially enjoyable when combined with sensory deprivation, like use of a blindfold, to further heighten senses.


 • Total length: 4 inch / 10 cm
 • Circumference of wheel: 0.8 inch / 2 cm
 • Weight: 30 gram

Safety, Care, & Usage

Please sterilize carefully after each use. Wash with antibacterial soap and warm water or use a disinfectant to clean properly. Air dry.

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