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Chastitysteel chastitybelts

handmade high quality Chastitybelts made in Germany


Fulfill your ultimate fetish fantasies and strap into a chastitybelt from Chastitysteel. Enjoy the power of restricting his erection and prolonging the sexual anticipation with this sexy restraint device. This great chastitybelt will prevent the wearer from achieving a full erection, no matter how much teasing and pleasure he receives!


Chastitysteel chastitybeltsChastitybelt from Chastitysteel are excellent for long term use by most men. Its hand made and professionally finished to ensure he has no access to his private parts. You will enjoy watching the frustration in his face as he can't not touch any area of his genitals. When secured in the device his penis is forced in the well-shaped tube preventing him from getting a full erection. No pain should be felt just slight discomfort as the flow of blood to his penis tries to create a major hard on. This chastity belt can be worn 24/7.


Chastitysteel, handmade high quality Chastitybelts made in Germany. Every Chastitybelt is individual made (sizework) for you by Chastitysteel. Comfort and quality, made for 24/7.



CS-Sb-lite-100-600 - locking strip chastity belt
€ 29,00
locking strip chastity belt Our next step for the CS-100, CS-500 and CS-Lite and allows access to his private parts completely impossible and can therefore be essential. 
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