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Leather Optic Black Corset


Erotex Corset Leather Optic Black - EC007

full bust corset - leather optic, detachable suspenders Erotex corset are front fastening corset with back lacing. For the best fitting shape the corset is with a steel busk with springy spirals in the lining all the way round to give that wonderful hour glass shape. You will get a lacing guide with every corset. You can waer this corset under your clothesto get a bettershape or over it as fancy accessoires. Erotex corset just real with springy spirals out of premium steel The corset does not just reduce your waist it does a lot of more: It highlights your hip and gives hold. This corsets enhance any woman's body, giving not just a smaller waist and the impression of fuller breasts it gives a feeling of intense femininity. It is no longer possible to hang on a sofa or sit hanging at a chair. The corset forces you to keep your body straight. The Corset or Corsage In all centuries the style of a lady! New with lacing guide Here you find help to choose the right size: >>> Corset size chart <<< When ordering, it is important that you give us your actual, uncorsetted measurements (in inches or cms.) To get these, measure around the narrowest part of your waist. You may also give your bra and cup size.