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Satin underbust Corset


Satin Underbust Corset by Carmen

Steel Boned Corset with 100% pure cotton lining.
Hook closure in front and lacing in the back.

Available in the sizes XS - XXXL

Only while stock last


Lacing a Corset Click on the picture for Mince's instructions 'how to lace a corset'.

After Lacing the corset will be:

  • XS/S: 51 cm - 20 inch
  • S/M: 61 cm - 24 inch
  • M/L: 71 cm - 28 inch
  • L/XL: 81 cm - 32 inch
  • XL/XXL: 91 cm - 36 inch
  • XXXL: 101 cm - 40 inch

For the right size we advise after lacing size + 10%, that may be your real size.

Corsets are always worn in a size which is smaller than your natural waist measurement. The size of a corset is the waist measurement, when fully closed.

Getting the right size corset is quite complicated and it is best to leave us to choose this for you. We ask you to give your real, uncorsetted measurements (in inches or centimetres.) We will then select the right size for you. Please use for that the message box at the end of the online ordering process.

                                                  Carmen Corsets, victorian style