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Bondage for Sex Volume 1


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Bondage for Sex Volume 1

Adult Ed has an entirely new meaning, thanks to this first-of-its-kind guide to bondage in consensual relationships. This book corrects many misconceptions about bondage, educating readers and giving them the tools needed to explore their desires using restraint and rope bondage. This type of erotic play requires trust between two people and can be a wonderful way to bond with a partner. Chanta crushes the misconception that bondage is violent or dangerous and explains

  • How to approach your partner in non-threatening way about your kinky desires 
  • Professional, step-by-step instruction 
  • Graphic, full-color photography With a few simple knots and some well-thought-out positions and guidance, you and your partner will be able to experience this taboo form of love making.

The book will escort you to a world of dominance, submission and ultimate sexual pleasure. If you're curious about bondage or are seriously fantasizing about trying it, do not miss out on one of lovemaking's kinkiest turn-ons. Written by Chanta Rose.