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Cupping Set in Box

ri-7286 - Cupping Set in Box ri-7286 - Cupping Set in Box ri-7286 - Cupping Set in Box ri-7286 - Cupping Set in Box 

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Chinese cupping set of 12 cups in box


This popular Vacuum Cupping Set can be used on breasts, nipples, penis, back, buttocks and more. Leaves a temporary 'hickie' mark on the skin. This fantastic Vacuum Cupping set is the ideal accessory for medical fetish, bondage play and therapy.


Enjoy advanced BDSM play with this 12pc Deluxe Cupping Set!
When applied with care, cupping can be an intense and pleasing experience during BDSM play. This 12-Piece Deluxe Cupping Set gives you everything you need to enjoy a premium cupping experience with your partner. Simply place the cup onto the air handle and then place the cup over your partner's body. As you pull the handle, you'll create a gentle vacuum sensation on the skin and stimulate the area with the Acu-Points centered within the cups. You can then remove the handle and the cup will stay in place.

12pc Deluxe Cupping Kit Specs and Benefits:

  • Sizes: Includes 2 cups of each of the following inside diameters: 0.625", 1", 1.25", 1.625", 2" and 2.25".
  • There are 12 cups and one hand pump
  • Simply place the cup over the skin and create a gentle suction
  • Can be used for massage treatment or as part of a BDSM session
  • Lowest price € 29,95!

Note: Use care and caution for maximum enjoyment

To read more about use of Chinese cupping, click here

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