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Threading a Corset

Here you will find information for a nice and easy way to lace your corset.

The best way to get your corset lacing

You can make a corset lacing in different ways. This is based on two important things: that walking the laces crossed over between both sides of the corset except in the middle, at the narrowest point of the waist, where she once run vertically. At the top and bottom of the corset walking the laces horizontally.


1. Closing of the front (if necessary)

Make sure the laces on the back are loose, so there is no tension on the front closure state. Pull it and close the corset in front, and hook close, the buttons through the wide part of the eyes to push. If you miss a few buttons you can simply try to push through it yet.

2. Before you start threading

Only when all the brackets are closed you can start lacing. Determine the center of your corset (which is the narrowest part of your waist). Note that just because the laces vertically from one hole to another may run. There you put the corset tighter and there to make the final bow.
3. When you start stringing
Start with the laces in the middle of your corset and pull them out by hooking your finger. Pull the laces until the corset around your waist starts to sit tight and tie a knot in order to ensure that you measure when you're stretched to the X-pattern. If you're a little more trained in threading the loops can also easily in one hand while with your other hand the X and attracts.

4. Threading the X and

Start at the top X of the corset (below the horizontal line) and pull him. Go to the second X and the third, until you reach the vertical lines in the middle comes out. Be careful not to accidentally grabs a previous X. Make the bow and pull them until all vacant lace tightened it. Put a bow again and repeat the above while you are on the bottom to the top X works.

Lacing a Corset

5. Finally

If your corset is comfortable threaded then make a bow and finish the remaining laces neatly away. Wrap the corset around you not, that can be harmful to the ribs.

Further recommendations

It is always wise to check your corset a bit tighter to do when you wear it, for example by every half hour to string a little further. This has the advantage that you're always a bit tighter corset can bear, and you extend the time you can wear your corset. The first few times you wearing your corset, there are other rules you really have to follow!
Please listen to your body, because that tells you if something goes wrong. Especially if you get any pain in your lower back to loosen your corset do immediately.
Wearing a corset is not only sexy, elegant and pleasant, it should also be healthy, and that's it, as long as you do not overdo (or have back problems so you should not wear corsets).


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