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Rimba Elektro Sex Powerbox met LCD scherm 7880

  Elektro Sex Powerbox with LCD display. Item. # 7880.


Please read this manual carefully before using the equipment and understand the precautions.


Rimba Elektro Sex Powerbox met LCD scherm 7880   


This electro sex stimulator is a battery operated, pulse genera¬tor that sends electrical impulses to the electro parts/toys which can be connected to this powerbox and placed on any body part. Pressing the different keys can change the pulse width so that the treatment goes deep into the skin and into muscles. This electrical therapy will have a positive influence on your sex life. The powerbox can run 7 different programs.  
Each program can be adjusted over 16 levels of intensity.
We wish you many hours of pleasure!



The RIMBA nr. 7880, powerbox set contains;


  • 1 x dual-Channel powerbox with LCD display.
  • 2 x adhesive pads
  • 2 x lead wires
  • 3 x 1.5 volt AAA battery
  • Manual in English



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- # 7886 Plastic dildo, bi-polar Æ25 x 145 mm.
- # 7887 Plastic mini plug, bi-polar Æ25 x 70 mm.
- # 7888 Aluminium Anal plug, bi-polar,  Æ50 x 105 mm.
- # 3000 Electro contact Gel,  250 ml per bottle.


Warning and Precaution:

- Do not use if you wear cardiac-pacemaker.
- Do not use if you are pregnant.
- Do not use on eyelids.
- Do not use on broken skin.
- Avoid abrupt changes in stimulation control settings.
- Keep out of the reach of children.
- Turn the powerbox off before applying, removing or changing the electrodes.
- Stimulation of areas where bones are near the skin (knee, forehead or chin) can be painful for some patients.
- Stimulation controls, especially the level of intensity should be adjusted slowly.
- Do not immerse the stimulation-powerbox in water or other liquids.


Side effects:

Skin irritation may occur beneath or around the electrode sites. If skin irritation persists discontinue use immediately.



Use our contact gel to create an optimal contact between the body and the electrodes.
Item # 3000 = Rimba Electro Contact Gel, bottle 250 ml.


Specifications of product:


Power supply

4.5V, 3 x AAA


1 - 100HZ

Power Consumption

Max. 180mw

Output Power

Max. 30mA into a 2K 0hm testing load of resistance

Puls Widthe

20-220 µS


Names and functions of unit:



Bediening rimba electrosex powerbox 7880
















  1. Output jack (2): for connecting the electrode devices.
  2. LCD screen: shows the state of output at regular intervals.
  3. Power ON / OFF key: you can use these to turn on /off the equipment.
  4. Time display key: you can select the time of use.
  5. Deep-cure key (Higher Intensity): can change the width of pulse, causing a therapeutic effect deep into your skin and muscles.
  6. Manual mode key: the equipment has 7 kinds of modes, acupuncture, massage, slow stroke, scrapping and so on, when pressing this key one time, the mode will sequence. The 7 kinds of modes are chosen sequentially. When the equipment is powered on, it is in the mode of acupuncture.
  7. Automatic mode key: press this key and the equipment will sequentially pleasure you with all 7 modes over a period of about 20 minutes.
  8. Intensity adjust key (Strong/Weak): there are 16 levels of intensity, once you press the boost up key, the intensity will rise to next level. Once you press the decrease key, the intensity will decrease one level.


LCD screen display:


display rimba electrosex powerbox 7880 


  1. Mode of therapy: there are 7 modes that you can choose such as acupuncture, massage, slow stroke, united stroke, scrapping, cupping and manipulation.
  2. The arrow shows the current mode of therapy.
  3. Shows the level of intensity: can display 1-16 intensity.
  4. Bar showing intensity: Displays the present setting. Each bar signifies 2 levels of intensity.
  5. Deep-cure sign (Higher Intensity): shows the equipment is in the state of deep-cure.
  6. Timing display: shows the remaining time by counting down.






accessoires rimba electrosex powerbox 7880



Safety Cautions:

Do not use together with the following medical electronic apparatus:

  1. Cardio regulator and miniature electronic apparatus implanted in body.
  2. Artificial heart-lung pacemaker and life-supporting electronic apparatus.
  3. Electrocardiogram and other worn electronic apparatus.


Malfunction or danger may occur for patients who have been using the above listed instruments together with this equipment.
Follow your doctor's advice for the patients who are under medical treatment or for sufferers from the following:

  1. Malignant tumor
  2. Infectious diseases
  3. Menstruation or pregnancy
  4. Heart disease, not placing near the heart
  5. Fever with the temperature over 38 Centigrade (or over 100 degrees Fahrenheit)
  6. Abnormal skin allergy
  7. Do not attach the equipment on the heart region, eyeballs, inside mouth and external skin trauma.
  8. Do not use the equipment simultaneously with other instruments or medicines.




Instructions for Correct Operation:

Preparation before use:


  klaarmaken voor gebruik van de rimba electrosex powerbox 7880











Open the lid, and place 3 x the 1.5 volt AAA batteries in the box. Note the + and – side of the  batteries, close the lid tightly. Connect the lead wires, each set into a separate output jack.
Peel the film from the electrode.

Clean the oil and sweat from the area you want treatment with a damp cloth.
Paste two pieces of electrode on the part where you want treatment.


How to use the keypad


  1. Turn on the power: press ON key, and the LCD screen will show the power is on, at the same time, the arrow showing the mode of therapy is pointed to acupuncture mode. Now, the intensity is 0, timing is 15 minutes.
  2. Choose the setting of time. When pressed once, the display will show 5 minutes, pressed twice: 10 minutes and pressed three times: 15 minutes.
  3. Choose the mode of therapy: using the manual-key one can choose acupuncture, massage, slow stroke, united stroke, scrapping, cupping and manipulation. If you choose the automatic key, the equipment will sequence through 7 modes, 1 round needs about 20 minutes.
  4. Adjust intensity: press the intensity keys strong/weak, you can adjust the intensity easily.
  5. Deep-cure choice: you can press the higher intensity key, and then you can change the pulse width so that the therapy can be deeper.


The inactive equipment time is 15 minutes. It will turn off when the time is up, and the LCD will turn off too. Now you should take off the electrode, and paste them onto the stick board backing. Please repeat the approach above if you want to use it again, press the ON key.
The intensity will reduce to level 1 if you change the mode of therapy when using the equipment. You can adjust to a suitable intensity again.
Please press the OFF key according to the method above if you want to change the area you are stimulating (ie. change the place of electrode)
Please take off the electrode after you have pressed the OFF key.
Please do not pull the lead wire if you want to take off the electrode from the body, first withdraw the pin.


Maintenance and Storage after usage:

Wipe the surface of the device clean with wet cloth. Do not use chemicals or alcohol.
Wipe the surface of Electrode Terminal clean with wet cloth and air dry. Do not expose it to the sun directly.
Keep out of the reach of children to avoid injury.
Keep the device away from moisture, high temperature, and direct sunlight.
Do not disassemble, repair or abuse the device.
Take out the batteries when the device is unused for a long period of time.



Causes and Solutions:


Status of the product



No LCD display after the batteries were installed.





Battery contacts may need cleaning.

Check and remove the batteries.

Batteries are used  or polarity incorrect

Check the cause and remove or re-install.

The contact is bad between the batteries and the spring

Expand the anode spring by using a suitable tool.

No feeling but the LCD display is in working



Plug inserted in the jack firmly?

Check and correct connection between electrode and chord, chord and jack.

Is the lead and the electrode connected well?

Connect them correctly.

Stimulation becomes weak or tingling.





Is the electrode terminal stuck onto the skin correctly?

Stick the electrode terminal firmly onto the skin

Dirt on electrode terminal surface?

Wipe clean or replace electrode terminal.

Oil on skin

Clean your skin.

It stops output before the 15 minutes is up

Batteries used.

Replace batteries.

Treated surface flushing red/flushing or tingling.

Skin allergy against electrode terminal material.

Check skin allergic history, for slight allergy, change position or shorten treatment time, for severe allergy, stop treatment or try desensitization therapy.


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