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Terms and Conditions Mince.nl


Since early June 2002 we began our assotiment expanded from 200 to over 4.500 items Corsets, whips, cuffs, BDSM toys, chastitybelts, BDSM furniture, sextoys and much more. We also have a shop, a showroom where a large part of our range is on display. This is open to visitors on weekdays during business hours. We supply such as a 120 different corsets in various colors and usually about 10 or often more sizes, so there are some 7,000 varieties and is thus impossible to have them all in stock. The most common items we have in stock. To keep our prices low we order direct from the manufacturers in America, Britain, Germany and Netherlands, so delivery times can rise from 2 to 4 weeks. When we receive your order, those with the greatest care is considered. Shipping your order takes place (provided the items are in stock) within 24 hours on working days of receiving your order and in advance of receiving the payment. Sometimes it happens that an item is temporarily out of stock, then we take your order. If an article is finally sold, you receive this message.


Minimum order amount
We do not have a minimum order amount.


Your package is not recognizable sender Delivery. Discreet packaging cardboard in neutral without imprint.


 UPS - Worldwide insured shipment with Track and trace


Contribution shipping
To secure your order delivered to your home, we offer your package at your name with UPS. The shipping costs will be added in the total sum of your order. Any subsequent delivery of course be sent to you free of charge. If you can't choose your country please contact us: +31 40 222 22 06.

NL - € 6,00
BE - € 8,00
LU - € 8,00
DE - € 12,50
FR - € 17,50
DK - € 17,50
AT - € 17.50
GB - € 17,50
SE - € 17,50
CH - € 22,50
FI - € 22,50
IE - € 22,50
ES - € 23,50
IT - € 27,50
NO - € 27,50
PT - € 27,50
BG - € 32,50
HR - € 32,50
EE - € 32,50
HU - € 32,50
LV - € 32,50
LT - € 32,50
PL - € 32,50
RO - € 32,50
SI - € 32,50
SK - € 32,50
CZ - € 32,50
GR - € 42,50
TR - € 42,50


The fastest way to receive your order is to pay by bank, we can usually quickly handle your order.




Prepayment by bank transfer:
In advance by bank transfer, you must pay the full amount shown on the order form to fulfill one of the following accounts:
ING Bank account number: 5019277 on name of Mince.nl
Belgian clients: ING Bankrek.: 335-0038580-20 t.n.v. Mince.nl
stating your order no Then you top the confirmation..
Once we receive your payment, your order is shipped.
A confirmation of your order, you immediately after the passing of your order via e-mail. The invoice you receive with your order.

In order payments within the European Union benefit from the low Eurogiro Basic rate is one of the conditions that you IBAN and BIC indicate your payment. Voor about books from a foreign account so you have the next item following the bank account information needed:
Bic Code : INGBNL2A
IBAN Code : NL22INGB0005019277

Bankaccount registred on:
van Elderenlaan 34
The Netherlands

Bank Address:
ING Bank
Amstelveenseweg 500
1081KL  Amsterdam
The Netherlands


Cash advance:
Cash in advance, must pay the full amount shown on the order form, postage prepaid, to send to us, stating your order no (top you find this confirmation).
Sending cash money is at your own risk! Send therefore preferably registered,
Once we receive your payment, your order is shipped.
A confirmation of your order, you immediately after the passing of your order via e-mail. The invoice you receive with your order.


Cash on delivery:
For cash orders, are in addition to the shipping of € 6.50 even further € 6.00 cash expenses, so your total shipping on & euro ; 12.50 come.
Cash Shipments since January 1 '03 are no longer possible for other countries outside the Netherlands.


There is a minimum order value of 25, - Euro (total amount of items) to your order cash on receive. With cash you pay the full amount of your order (including shipping and COD charges) to the postman at the time that the package you offer. A confirmation of your order, you immediately after the passing of your order via e-mail. The invoice you receive with your order. Your order will be offered at your address 1st instance, if the postman can not find at home you can pick it up from the post office there and checkout.
For orders over € 250.00 and for orders of 'not common' articles we request a deposit of 10% by No transfer to ING bank: 5019277 on name of Mince.NL. This, unfortunately, because it sometimes happened that unfortunately "Jokers" which are an order to someone else name. After the deposit is received, the goods shipped once it is complete.
If you do not accept your order or picked up at the post office, we are forced to give you 25,00 euros for costs to be reimbursed. If you do not pay, we must unfortunately the account through a debt collection agency to collect!


Purchase Agreement
If you order it have passed, has made a purchase. Would you cancel your order if it can even charge within 24 hours. We reserve the right, or orders without giving any reason not to implement or adhere to conditions such as requiring advance. If you orders are shipped via cash, not accept or picked up at the post office, or are the shipping / handling cost and cash cost to you calculate. These amounts total 25 per order.


The buyer is obliged to inspect the goods on arrival and any defects immediately to notify us. Complaints concerning orders must within 7 days after the goods reach the buyer in writing or by email to us to be done. Failing this, we are considered in accordance with our obligations to have delivered. (Hygienic items can NOT be exchanged). If a timely claim has been lodged and the goods are not delivered to the agreement, we will not return the goods delivered, single free redelivery provide. Because our world directly from the manufacturer to order so many extra costs and we only exchange for other goods, we give no money back. Only then can we keep our prices as low as it is today.


Before you send your package back to us, we ask you to contact us using the RMA form


By ordering from us, you signify that you are our delivery and payment agreement.


Any questions?
Do not hesitate and contact Mince.NL
Tel: +31(0)40 222 22 06 or mail our costumer service