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Chastity devices

Chastity belts in BDSM may be used as part of a practice of orgasm control, to prevent the wearer from engaging in sexual intercourse or masturbation without the permission of the dominant, who acts as "keyholder". Chastity belts may be worn by both men and women as part of BDSM play. A chastity device may be worn for the duration of a sex play, for a limited period or as a long-term arrangement.

We carry a wide selection of brands offering both the best and affordable chastity devices and belts in the market! High quality stainless steel, silicone or leather cock cages and chastity belts, fully enclosed or open cages, with or without urethral plugs, adjustable or not, with or without lockable functionality, our expansive collection is ready to cater to all your chastity needs! Next to our assortment of complete devices we also have essential chastity accessoires like padlocks, numbered seals, (timed) key safes and much more!