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ROSEBUDS by Julian Snelling, innovative creator of extraordinary jewel.


Rosebuds sieraden, handgemaakt door Julian Snelling.
De lijn van deze Body Juwelen bestaat o.a. uit decoratieve Tepelklemmen, Buttpluggen en Cock Ringen.
Deze Franse Kunstenaar gebruikt o.a. als materialen stainless Steel, goud, zilver, geslepen cystallen en brons.


The Sarl ROSEBUDS company was created in 2002 by Julian Snelling, innovative creator of this extraordinary jewel. The master has departed this life and vultures without imagination lost no time in seizing his works. But, as always, copies are only pale look alike imitations... Why not choose creation rather than mediocrity...
Taken over in September 2009 by Pierre-Yannick Noël, innovative designer, very eager to sublimate incessantly your sensations, the ROSEBUDS company puts its talent more than ever at your service for your most intimate pleasures.

The Rosebud can be used for numerous practices. Anal ornament or more active toy to increase your sensations and your pleasure, it is a discreet and elegant companion, sign of a certain erotic refinement. Whether you wear it during sexual games or during the day, it is invisible under your clothes. Very effective for sportsmen, especially while cycling, jogging and swimming, the simplest walk becomes a sensual feast. Its caress is renewed with each step... When you wear a Rosebud, the sitting position feels totally different. Inserted a few hours before a sexual encounter, it will also heighten pleasure during preliminaries.

Apart from providing voluptuous sensations, wearing a Rosebud for a prolonged time will also re-educate and stimulate the perineum whose tonicity is rather weak in the Western World, although it is a powerful and main actor in male and female orgasms and essential for vigorous erections and their control.

The anal area is a major erogenous zone for men and women. In the past few years, taboos about these practices, formerly connoted as homosexual, have started to disappear thanks, for example, to pornographic film actors. This is fortunate as it gives men the opportunity of discovering genuine sensual enjoyment, which they rarely attain with penial stimulation, confusing ejaculation and orgasm.
Lady, if you want to surprise your lover, give him a fellatio with a Rosebud. Once erected and after a few lubricated caresses on the anal bud, slowly thrust the plug in without stopping the fellatio. Use the external part of the Rosebud, out of the rectum, to move it inside him. This will bring him extreme pleasure, taking him to cloud nine.

The Rosebud's major benefit is the internal stimulation of the prostate, real turbo in male orgasm. Stimulated at its base, the penis gains a strengthened erection and the intense stimulation of the prostate leads to more abundant ejaculations.
Whether you are playing solo or with a partner, the Rosebud offers increased pleasure. By moving the plug alternately in and out of the rectum, the anal sphincter is stimulated and gives dynamism to the perineum, this real pillar of erection for men and women.
During coïtion, the simple motion of the pelvis will move the Rosebud in the anal ampulla. During sexual rides, the man will be engulfed in sensations in front and in rear and as the cadence accelerates, the more the Rosebud reacts... If the woman enjoys that, she can try a double penetration which can be modulated according to a choice of different sizes.
Some women also use the Rosebud in vaginal penetration, especially with large models such as NIKI or HELLIS 45, and we well understand why : the crab's claw caresses and stimulates the labia and clitoris while its tail darts its tip on the anal bud... A high class solo pleasure which can also be shared with a male or female partner.


js-tmbp - Rosebuds Tetine Medium Butt Plug
€ 145,95
Rosebuds Tetine Medium Butt Plug js-tmbp Een butt plug voor liefhebbers van borsten, laat je fantasie de vrije loop met de ketting door de tepelpiercing. De ketting kan vastgemaakt worden aan k... 
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js-ssgj - Rosebuds Sperm Stopper Glans Juweel 'Bira'
€ 75,95
Rosebuds Sperm Stopper Glans Juweel 'Bira' js-ssgjEen andere manier om met uw partner's lid te spelen! Z'n sperma kan geen andere kant uit dan terug over de nog warme penis dankzij het gedetailleerde... 
Op voorraad,Direct leverbaar Op voorraad,Direct leverbaar
js-wbbm - Rosebuds Whipbud Bruin Medium
€ 99,95
Rosebuds Whipbud Bruin Medium js-wbbm Een prachtkwaliteit metalen plug met donkerbruine lederen banden. Of U de plug anaal toedient of gebruikt als zweep, ongeevenaard plezier is gegarandeerd m... 
Op voorraad,Direct leverbaar Op voorraad,Direct leverbaar
JS-BR11 - HugLAdy Julian Snelling by Rosebuds
€ 189,00
HugLAdy Julian Snelling by Rosebuds This doll clings closely to your phallus, a chain on her feet placed under your bursae, while another on her hands grips your shaft. With their clasps, the ... 
Op voorraad,Direct leverbaar Op voorraad,Direct leverbaar
JS-BR10 - Spex - Cock Snake Bronze Penisplug by Julian Snelling
€ 59,95
Spex - Cock Snake Bronze Penisplug by Julian Snelling   Spex - Cock Snake Het gevoel is vergelijkbaar met cock bondage, alleen veel beter, omdat het veel intenser is. Eenmaal om de penis (in sl... 
Op voorraad,Direct leverbaar Op voorraad,Direct leverbaar
JS-585 - Penis Crown
€ 37,95
Penis Crown by Julian Snelling van Rosebuds Kroon uw King!Geef een koninklijk gebaar aan uw penis. Onze penis kroon heeft een dusdanige contour dat deze prettig ziten de peniskop accentueert. Veel ma... 
Op voorraad,Direct leverbaar Op voorraad,Direct leverbaar
Js-700 - Jewel Plug XL CRISTAL
€ 119,95
Stainless Steel Butplug van de Franse Kunstenaar Julian Snelling.   RVS XL Butt Plug met Volcano Swarovski Jewelry voor ervaren gebruikers Prachtig Butt Plug Jeweel / Rosebud Anal Jewelry door... 
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JS-700(2)w - Rosebuds Swarovski Jewelry Anaalplug by Julian Snelling
€ 79,95
Rosebuds Swarovski Jewelry Anaalplug by Julian Snelling Deze volledig RVS pluggen zijn ontworpen voor een aangenaam en comfortabele pasvorm voor langere tijd. De plug is zwaarder dan de mee... 
Momenteel niet voorradig Momenteel niet voorradig