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Zizi Black Hole Tunnel


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Zizi Black Hole Tunnel #ZZ12

New to the Zizi family of Keepburning toys is the tunnel plug with the fitting name Black Hole. It’s a plug for unplugging your hole. Neat. You might ask what a tunnel plug is good for, seeing as butt plugs are all about – yes, plugging a hole. Well, it’s all about the feeling.

The Black Hole Tunnel looks like any other butt plug, although with an added twist. The core is hollow, and open from end to end while standard buttplugs are completely solid in their construction.

The Black Hole comes in two colors, clear and black and in a size medium.

It is made out of TPR like the rest of the Zizi range. TPR is regarded as body safe and hypo allergenic as it does not contain any toxic chemicals like phthalates. The material is odor free and does not hold on to other smells which is good.

The plug is relatively big. It measures 13cm in total length, 7.5cm insertable, 18cm in circumference around the bulb and 14cm in circumference around the neck. The hole has a diameter of approx 3.5cm.

To maintain your Black Hole Tunnel all you need to do is wash with antibacterial soap or toy cleaner and warm water. It couldn’t be easier. It does however attract lint and dust, so we suggest keeping it in a storage bag.

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